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About Our Church

Word of Promise Family Church is a very friendly and kindhearted church believing very strongly in the Promises of God's Word, The Bible.

Our logo, the Bible and the Rainbow, depicts that very theme.  The rainbow was a sign that God gave to Noah and mankind after saving Noah's family, by His grace and loving-kindess, during the epic world-wide flood.

The rainbow was a Divine sign that accompanied the first major promise from God to man, that God would protect, preserve, save, and bless!

There is a tradition of man, that at the end of every rainbow is a treasure.  Our logo rainbow begins and ends in God's Word, for it is the written record of all of God's promises to us, the greatest treasure in existence!

Be it a promise of Jesus giving us eternal life and forgiveness, or God helping us with a small everyday life situation, we are working to help people grasp a hold and receive what God has prepared for them.

Whether it is a toddler or a senior, one's first day in our church or a charter member, a relative or a stranger out in the busy world, we have a love for people and a desire to help them to come to know God, through Jesus His Son, and then to enjoy everyday life with His blessing.

This is our passion!